DBM Entertainment

About DBM

DBM Entertainment, LLC is an integrated music services company offering a full range of creative, production, marketing, web programming, graphic design, social media and ecommerce solutions to independent creative artists, including songwriters, musicians, recording artists, producers, writers, comedians, actors and voice talent.

Through its two record labels, Atticus and Private Angel, DBM produces and markets new music from independent artists, including Stephen Doster on Atticus and Rick Busby on Private Angel.

Both labels are open to projects from an eclectic range of genres. However, Atticus and Private Angel have different strategies for curating and branding their respective ventures.

Atticus Records curates projects for select artists and develops them through each step of the creative process from pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering all the way through the manufacturing and distribution phases. 

By contrast, Private Angel co-ventures with artists who may have already recorded their own projects independently, but may need the support services a label can offer.

All projects of both labels are managed by DBM Entertainment, which provides creative and financial support and also hosts the online retail store for the labels’ respective catalogs and merchandise.

DBM is also creating new and original podcast content, including The Atticus Report, a music themed show that debuted in January 2016, and Soul Diving, a spiritually creative series set to debut in August.

If you believe you may have a project for DBM Entertainment, or if you wish to engage or know more about our creative services, please send an email to the attention of DBM from our contact page.